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  •       We are a couple fathers from central mass that have always had the desire to open a business at some point in our lives.  The right product and the right opportunity didn’t present itself until we both discovered CBD.  We were looking at natural alternatives for dealing with our old sports injuries, aches and pains.  We decided to give it a shot and truly it was life changing.  It is the only natural supplement that worked for us!  And of course being new fathers chasing around toddlers and waking up with infants, the anti-anxiety properties were certainly welcome as well!This was the product/business plan we were looking for to start a business around!  It fit all the criteria.  It’s a product that works phenomenally, and best of all it WILL help people with chronic conditions. 

  •       The research continues to be done on CBD and we are learning by the day other ailments it can help with.  If people can just get over the stigma associated with hemp based products, they’ll truly be getting out of their own way and discover the it’s amazing properties. 

  •      We wanted to be as vertically integrated as possible to be able to help as many people out as we can.  High Purity Hemp Oil is our retail side of things where people can buy our personal product line online at www.highpurityhempoil.com.  Currently the products being offered on that website are our Full Spectrum oil and our Full Spectrum Zero which is our 0% THC option.  Both come in 30ML bottles and each contain 450mg of CBD which is a 30 day supply at 15mg a day.  From seed to sale this product is American made.  We use an organic hemp based out of the northeast that is extremely rich in CBD.  For every order that goes out we will send a lab report highlighting the CBD content.  We are also using the online format to give back to a local organization that really helped us in starting our journey which is Bulldozer Health INC (www.bulldozerhealth.com).  A portion of every purchase online will be donated to this tremendous non-profit organization.

  •      Other products that will be available online to purchase soon are vape cartridges, vape pens, dissolvable mouth strips, and a pain balm.High Purity Extractions is our end of the business that provides equipment and training so dispensaries, farmers, and caregivers can make Cannabis and CBD oils and concentrates from their plant material.   These oils and distillates are used as medicine and come in the form of vape oil, edibles, tinctures,  capsules, lotions, balms, sublingual melt strips, time release patches and other creative ways for the body to feed the eco cannabinoid system.   Sample of typical process equipment used for production of pure oils is enclosed.   This often includes chromatography separations of individual cannabinoids (such as CBN, CBC, CBG, CBD, Delta 8) so providers can craft custom blends to treat certain illnesses.    HP710 is our end of the business that deals with people interested in wholesale, bulk oil and private labeling.  Because of our ability to provide both full spectrum CBD oil with the full entourage effect, and purified and isolated CBD there is an infinite range of products that can be custom crafted.   No THC products are becoming very popular, and with the ability to remove THC from the oil, consumers can enjoy a full spectrum CBD product (with terpenes). It is our desire to help people, the world is full of stress, anxiety, depression, illnesses and using a natural plant for healing is the ultimate.   We can provide a single product to consumers, large quantities for shops and resellers, we offer large volume supplies of CBD oil and isolate, and the goal is to provide people with options and flexibility to create the products desired and cost effective prices.   We do all this locally in New England. 


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